I'm Alex

THis is Me

I spend Sunday mornings painting watercolour flowers at my kitchen table. I am a floral obsessed, ice cream freak and you will probably catch me belting out 90's throwback jams in the car. 


Our love story began in a tiny apartment, with a kitchen the size of a closet, and no furniture; but that little apartment will always be our beginning. Now, we have a home of our very own, where the kitchen is big enough to dance in (which we do often), and two
fur-babies; a grey mischievous cat named Finn, and
we recently added a spunky puppy named Nova to the family.

my life

Ryan & Alex 

 It's romantic, timeless and creative. It's a mixture of those posed pictures your parents will want hanging in their living room but I also love capturing the connection found in the candid in between moments. You know, the moments where genuine laughter happens in between the poses, yes, those are my favorites! My goal: to document your love story so you can share it to the world now, and in generations to come, in a beautiful way.


My photography style? 

 I believe that a beautiful soul is more important than a perfect body; I believe that kindness will get you anywhere. I believe that a meal isn’t complete without dessert. I believe that everyone in your life is there to teach you something about yourself. Some relationships last, while others don’t, but true love is falling in and out of love with the same person, forever. I believe in lazy days on the couch watching Netflix, and I believe that dancing to your favorite song is perfect therapy. 

I believe

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Alex thinks "out of the box" and got creative with every location she took us to. We cannot wait to see the rest of the photos!

There is no one that I trust more to be behind a camera. Her passion for photography shines in all of her work.

 She is so kind and personable and makes you feel so comfortable, in an otherwise awkward situation.