October 14, 2018

Must Have Wedding Photo List

Your wedding day flies by so fast, that you won’t even remember the day; thats why its my job to capture every moment and make it special. Here are a few of my favorite wedding moments to capture…

  1. The Wedding Exit

This is probably my current “MUST HAVE” sometimes, depending on the venue, I even get a little extra and have something thrown like confetti as they walk down the aisle. It always shows the true happiness the couple feels right after they are married.

2. The Guests Celebrating

This one works really well with intimate weddings, like this one. It’s a great way to get all your guests involved, and capture their emotions.

3. End of the Night

These are basically mandatory in all of my wedding packages, I always sneak the Bride and Groom away for something a little bit special at the end of the night because a) I hate making an album and the last photo is something like the bouquet toss and b)gives us a moment of quiet to gather our thoughts, and make sure all of our photos have been captured and conclude our night. This is how the ending of a wedding album SHOULD look… it should be unique, fun, romantic, and creative!

4. Emotions

Wedding day’s bring out all the feels, and there is nothing more heart-warming than tears of joy. Whether its during the first dance, when the groom sees the bride or during speeches, I always make sure my camera is handy when emotions are running high.

5. Little Details

Any kind of sentimental thought put into the wedding day is something that tells the story of the couple, and that makes it one of my favorite things to capture. I love things like, the writing on the bottom of shoes, or heirloom jewellery, I love napkins that have funny facts about the newlyweds on them, and cake toppers that show one of the bride and grooms quirks. These are the things that make your wedding unique, and without them its just a wedding, not YOUR wedding.


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