January 14, 2019

Boudoir Basics


The Alexandria Boudoir Experience is crafted to be Fun and Flirty! It’s for all women at whatever stage of your life you’re at! I have photographed so many different women and let me tell you, numbers don’t matter! the number on the scale, the number on your jeans, or the number of years you have been alive… they don’t dictate your beauty, the only thing that does, is YOU. Confidence is sexy. As the great Beyonce would say:

“the most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.”

and that’s really all it takes!

On the Day of your Session

As much as we tell ourselves that we are doing this photoshoot for our honey at home… it’s really a day of pampering and fun! The day begins with you stopping by the hair salon, and getting your hair styled by some of my favorite stylists at The Dry Parlour. Then, you arrive at my home studio, you come in, we check out the outfits you brought and sit you down with my in-studio makeup artist to get glam!

Once your makeup and hair have you feeling great, we start with your most conservative outfit and go from there! I coach you every step of the way, tell you how to pose and the reaction I am looking for from you. In 15 minutes, you will be workin it, completely at ease! just ask ANY of my past boudie babes!  After your session is done, I highly recommend going out for dinner, maybe some dancing because you will leave feeling like you are on cloud nine! And that feeling you get, is the entire reason I do these kinds of photoshoots.

After Your Photoshoot

The day after your session, you might feel a little sore; like you have gone to the gym for the first time in a few months, because you use muscles that you don’t normally use to pose.

In the weeks to follow, you will get an email from me with a link to your online gallery! From there, you can choose if you would like to order prints or an album, and leave me comments on any photographs you would like to say something about!

Privacy and Permission

You can choose the level of privacy you wish to have for your photos. Your privacy is very important to me, so you will never find your identity or your photos posted to the public without permission. You may choose to release photos of just your face, just your body, in a private, password protected gallery for potential clients, or even not share them at all. Some come in asking for digital files from their session, and yes, I do offer them BUT, a model release, releasing the photographs to me for my portfolio use is required. If you don’t wish to release the images to me, the photographs are kept completely private and I will give you prints of your images or an album, depending on what you would like!


Life is short, do the Photoshoot!


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